~About Us~


Cheviot Kennels was originally registered with the Canadian Kennel Club by Mike Pollard. Mike's initial passion was with the Setter Breeds. Mike was involved with all 3 Setter Breeds, Gordon, English and Irish although his true passion was the Gordon Setter, a breed that at the time was not well known in Canada and seldom seen in the Group , or Best In Show rings. Not fearing the odds, Mike went on to personally breed... 

BIS,BISS Can./Am. Ch. Cheviot's Current Illusion

#1 Gordon Setter in Canada, 1988




'Manny's' show career proved to be what every Breeder/Owner hopes for.  As a puppy, he attained both his American and Canadian Championships, with multiple Best in Sweep wins, along the way. As a multiple Group winning Setter he went on to become a Best In Show and Best In Specialty Show winner.  Among some of 'Manny's' more memorable wins was his taking a Best In Show at the Lou Duroucher Memorial Show hosted by the Kent Kennel Club, in 1990, defeating an entry of over 1,100 dogs. Something almost unheard of, for a Gordon Setter, at that time.  Manny with limited showing, was a Top Gordon Setter for three years, consecutively. Holding the title of #1 Gordon Setter in Canada,  in 1988.

Manny's Get have flourished in Canada and the United States achieving great wins in a Breed that has now become one of the most prolific of all Breeds in North America


Without getting too descriptive and mushy, Mike met Sheryl and her Danes. Mike fell in love with the Danes and their wonderful temperament - oh yeah, and Sheryl too!

Since the first selectively bred Gordon Setter litter produced multiple Canadian and American Champions, one of which was 'Manny', we have applied these practices to our Great Dane breeding program.


Can./Am. Ch. ThunderAlley's Bold Chevron

(BIS Am. Ch. Windane's Zephyr X Ch. Jebas Diamond Girl)



Sheryl's First Dane


Sheryl's  Story

When purchasing my first Great Dane, over 30 years ago, I was fortunate enough to acquire a gorgeous brindle male puppy, out of top American bloodlines, from Carol and Bill Gray of ThunderAlley Kennels. I did not realise, at the time, that this beautiful boy would spark an obsession in me that has yet to burn out. 'Chevy', as he was affectionately known, was to be my introduction into the world of Showing and Breeding.

From the time Chevy was old enough to step into a show ring he never stopped proving himself to be the Champion show dog that he was bred to be. He quickly finished his Canadian Championship and then was swept off to the US where he acquired his American Championship in the same quick fashion. Along the way, at sixteen months of age, Chevy competed at the prestigious Westchester Show  where he was awarded Best Of Winners over an entry of 233 Great Danes. A win that most Great Dane breeders and owners hope for but never have the pleasure of experiencing.  Chevy went on to become the sire of multiple champion get before retiring to the life of 'couch potato'.

My desire to breed, show and share my life with this magnificent breed led me to the purchase of my first Great Dane female, 'Heller'.  After much research into the American Bloodlines that 'Chevy' had come from I was lucky enough to acquire a fawn female puppy from June and Art Schafer, long-time US breeders of multiple American and Canadian Champions, breeding and showing under the kennel name of 'Shadam'.

'Heller' certainly proved to be an exceptional Show Dog and Producer. Always owner handled, she provided me  with the experience and gratification of showing my own Dane. She attained her Championship, as a multi-breed winner, from the puppy classes.  Before the age of two she became a Best In Specialty Show winner defeating, at the time, top winning Danes, including that years #1 Dane in Canada. This had special meaning for me as she was owner-handled, to this win.  Heller went on to become a producer of multiple Champion get.

'Chevy' and 'Heller' will always hold a special place in our hearts as they were instrumental in triggering our passion for the breed and our desire to produce and show future Danes that would, hopefully, equal or surpass their stature.

BISS Ch. Shadam's Heller

(Am. Ch. Dagon's In A Flash X Am. Ch. Shadam's A. Haley CD)



Sheryl's First Bitch


 The Real Reason Why Sheryl Loves Mike!

Have you noticed the similarity between the name of Sheryl's beloved 'Chevy' and Mike's registered kennel name 'Cheviot'? Well she keeps telling me that it has nothing to do with our relationship and that it's not the reason she pursued me, but I wasn't born yesterday!

'Well, maybe not yesterday'. LOL....Sheryl.

I'll give you a brief history on how the Cheviot name was derived, since many people who know Sheryl assume that she named it after 'Chevy'. In actual fact, Cheviot Kennels originally bred Gordon and English Setters. For those of you who are not aware, the Gordon Setter is named after the Duke of Gordon who originated the breed in Scotland. I wanted to derive a name that had a common thread between these two countries. So, out came the map of the British Isles and lo and behold I found a range of hills that actually form part of the border between Scotland and England. Yes, they are called the 'Cheviot Hills'.  - and that ends our geography lesson for today.



Bravada Siberians

Now into early retirement and looking to extend our passion for breeding and exhibiting, to a breed of a smaller scale, had us carefully researching to seek out just the right breed of Cat, for us and our lifestyle. Enjoying many years of rewards and success that the ownership, breeding and placement of our Great Danes has brought us, and the Families involved, had us in search of a unique breed of Cat that we felt would fulfill the same passion and pride of ownership, at home and in the show ring. We became intrigued by the delightful combination of the power and grace of the Siberians whose personality mirrored the same affectionate, confident, 'dog like' devotion as our beloved Danes. We believed this was truly the breed of Cat for us to throw our hearts and souls into.

Concerned that we would have a difficult time in finding the quality of Siberian that would satisfy our needs we spent much time studying Siberian breed / show standards and researching Russian Catteries. Finding the Russian Catteries whose bloodlines we felt would fulfill our wishes, we noticed and were directed to Chloe Py-MacBeth of Siberlynx, a Breeder who's breeding program included Siberians she had imported from the same Russian Catteries and Champion bloodlines that we had admired, during our research.

Contacting Chloe we met and instantly felt a comfortable rapport. Chloe's past experience with Purebred Dogs had us with a common interest and we found we, also, shared the same ethics and goals. It is through her, and her most helpful mentoring, that we were able to acquire the stunning Russian imported Siberians that we now own/co-own that, we are happy to say, have more than exceeded our initial expectations.

Working from some of the finest Russian Champion bloodlines, along with the benefits of the knowledge that Chloe's years of experience has afforded us, has us directing our passion into the world of these amazing Siberians, with much confidence & excitement.

Choosing a cattery name was not a difficult task as an exceptional male Great Dane puppy,'Cheviot's Bravado by Design' (Bravo), was our inspiration. Aptly named, due to his extradinary personality, had us deciding to choose the cattery name 'Bravada'... A spin off of 'Bravo's' registered name, in the hope that our success in Siberians would come to match that of the success we have enjoyed, these many years, with our Great Danes.

So far, we have not been disappointed. These 'Gentle Giants', of the domestic cat world, have offered our lifestyle much and live, harmoniously, along-side our canine 'Gentle Giants'.