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~Hypo-Allergenic Facts~

When it comes to a Siberian Cat's level of desirability, among pet owners and cat allergy sufferers, Siberians have an ace in the hole: Their hypo-allergenic qualities.... 

A number of different allergens have been identified in cats, but only one of these, called "Fel d1" (Feline domesticus allergen 1), is specific to cats alone and appears to be the one that most people with cat allergies react to. The Fel d1 protein is created in the saliva, skin and anal glands of the cat. Being diligent groomers, cats transfer these proteins from their saliva to the rest of their coats and, once dry, it easily becomes airborne. It is not, therefore, the cat's fur that you may be allergic to. Long haired, short-haired and even hairless cats can all cause reactions in allergic individuals. Litter boxes contain the highest amount of Fel d1, as the highest concentrations are found in the anal glands.

For those that would question if a Siberian Cat is truly a Hypo-Allergenic breed of cat, 'Hypo' meaning 'Less than normal' has Siberians in that category. Research shows Siberian Cats to produce some of the lowest levels of Fel d1, in the cat world. Genetics does play a part in the variations in levels of Fel d1 in each individual Siberian but, other factors may, also, be the cause. Levels have been shown to be influenced by the production of hormones with breeding males, compared to neutered males, presenting higher levels. Early sterilization of a Kitten is highly recommended to prevent an increase in allergen as Kitten approaches maturity.

Siberian Kittens, due to genetic factors, may not display the same low levels of Fel d1 and, therefore, people may react to some Siberian Kittens and not others. For those Families with allergy sufferers a fairly new test is now available to breeders that can, more accurately, predict allergen levels in kittens. This is done through the testing of a Kitten's saliva between the ages of nine to twelve weeks. With the help of this testing Siberian breeders are better able to match the right Siberian Kitten, through their allergen level, to the degree of allergy reaction a Family member may have.

One should take note, though, that many factors can come into play where a person's allergies are concerned and a particular person's level of tolerance. Unfortunately, there are no guarantees as to whether a person's allergies will successfully tolerate this particular breed as this is dependent, not only upon the Kitten you choose, but upon you yourself. Those people that tend to be allergic, also, to other animals, such as dogs, rabbits, and horses may be allergic to something other than, or in addition to, the Fel-D1 protein found in cats.

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