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Neva Masquerade (Lynx Point) Siberian Cats
Selective Breeding from Champion Russian bloodlines



Ch. Oladushka NEVAda

CCA Award: Best Siberian Colour Point  2010-11

'Bravada', Hypo-allergenic Siberian Cat Breeders , Ontario Canada. Specialising in Siberian Neva Masquerade Cats. Russian imported Siberian Cats.


If you have been seaching for a feline that will tick all your boxes....Delightful combination of power & grace, 'dog like' devotion & loyalty, luxurious coat but easy to groom, and last but not least, Hypo-allergenic for those with allergies....Welcome to 'Bravada' Siberian Cats!!!

'In- home' hobby breeders of Hypo-allergenic, Neva Masquerade (lynx point) Siberian Cats, located in Ontario, Canada. Dedicated to preserving the native Russian cat, along with their unique hypo-allergenic qualities, our breeding program is founded upon excellent examples of the breed, directly imported from Russia and of well known Champion bloodlines.

As longtime (30 plus yrs.) breeders/owners of multiple Best in Specialty Show, Best in Show, Canadian & American Champion Great Danes (and past Gordon Setters), we have extended our passion and experience into the world of these amazing Siberian Cats.

Enjoying many years of rewards that the ownership, breeding and placement of our Great Danes has brought us, and the Families involved, had us wishing to search out a breed of Cat that we felt would fufill the same passion and pride of ownership, at home and in the show ring.

Intrigued by this unique breed, whose personality mirrored the same affectionate, confident, 'dog like' devotion as our beloved Great Danes, we had no problem believing the Siberian to be the breed of Cat for us to throw our hearts and souls into. Their remarkable personalities have them aptly suited to share our home and lifestyle, harmoniously, along-side our 'couch potato' canine Gentle Giants.

Enchanted by the exquisite good looks of the more rare variety (colour point) of the Siberian Cat and their decorative coat colouring, we chose to specialise in the 'Neva Masquerade'. The elegant name 'Masquerade' comes from the mask-like markings of this Russian breed and 'Neva', the river where they are said to have originated. Stunning blue eyes yet another unique feature of the colour point Siberian that we were drawn to.

Not to mention, the rewards that this exquisite and unique breed can bring in the ability to provide Families with Hypo-allergenic Siberian Cats & Kittens. Families who would, otherwise, be unable to own a Cat / Kitten or, unfortunately, be able to adopt from their local animal shelters.

Hoping that you join us in our love for these Siberian Cats... The 'Gentle Giants' of the Domestic Cat World.

Enjoy your visit!!'Bravada', an 'in-home' cattery in Ontario Canada. Offering Quality 'Pet/Companion' & 'Show/Alter' Siberian Cats / Kittens. Siberian Cats / Kittens with hypo-allergenic fur for sale. Hypo-allergenic Siberian Cat Breeder , Ontario Canada. Specialising in Siberian Neva Masquerade Cats. Russian imported Siberian Cats.

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Bravada, Siberian Color Point Cat Breeder in Ontario Canada. Providing Hypo-allergenic Siberian Cats /Siberian Kittens for Families with allergies. Hypo-allergenic Siberian Cats / Siberian Kittens, with hypo-allergenic fur in Ontario Canada.  Specialising in  Siberian Neva Masquerade (color point) Cats. Russian imported Siberian Cats. We ship our Siberian Cats /Siberian Kittens to Ontario, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland, P.E.I., Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta & British Columbia, B.C. Canada & USA