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 *Our Priorities*
Temperament & Genetic Soundness

Through our passion, breeding ethics and attention to detail, we strive to provide Families with a Siberian Kitten that will arrive in their home in optimum health, displaying a sweet & interactive disposition. Maintaining a high standard of health and care we raise our Kittens in a loving home environment, providing daily socialization, premium diet and proper veterinary care.

We offer Quality 'Pet/Companion' and 'Show/Alter' Siberian Kittens. As passionate and competitive long-time (30 plus yrs) breeders/exhibitors of Great Danes, we are all too aware of the importance of 'breeding for the betterment of a breed'. We have always viewed breeding as a creative endeavour, striving to breed to the standard for those future Champions that would 'shine in the show ring', the proving ground for any breed. Whether our Kittens are destined to shine in the show ring, or in your home as a beloved Family Companion, we believe, with careful planning and selective breeding, their outstanding beauty and unique hypo-allergenic qualities can be attained without the sacrificing of temperament and health.

Wishing to preserve the allure and uniqueness of the Siberian Breed, believed to be one of the oldest "natural" breeds of cats, has us ulitilizing some of the finest Champion bloodlines, imported from well known Russian catteries, with a background of required health screening.

All our Siberians, intended for breeding purposes, have tested negative for: FeLV, FIV & PKD


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 ~Specialising in~
Hypo-Allergenic Neva Masquerade (Colour Point) Siberian Cats
These beautiful 'blue eyed/lynx point patterned' treasures are available in a variety of colours.
Seal, Tortie, Blue, Blue-Cream, Cream & Red.
~Taking Baby Home~
To ensure 'Bravada' Siberian Kittens have the best possible start in life we have certain criteria
that we adhere to that will have our Kittens not ready for placement until an appropriate age.
For additional information concerning these criteria, Click Here
~Hypo-allergenic Facts~
For those Families that are interested in a Siberian Kitten with Hypo-allergenic qualities, we are able to
offer 'Fel d1 tested' Kittens, to ensure better success in matching the right Kitten to these Families.
For additional allergy and Kitten allergen testing information, Click Here
~Juvenile Altering~
All 'Bravada' Siberian Kittens are spayed/neutered prior to placement


~Next Expected Litter Winter 2012~

(Reservations are strongly recommended)


For your viewing pleasure...

Kittens from previous litters

'Roubles/Mishka' Babies

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'Atia/Mishka' Babies


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'Bravada', Hypo-allergenic Siberian Cat Breeders , Ontario Canada. Specialising in Siberian Neva Masquerade Cats. Russian imported Siberian Cats.
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Siberian Cats excellent for Families with allergies. Hypo-allergenic Siberian Cats / Siberian Kittens, with hypo-allergenic fur in Ontario Canada. We ship our Siberian Cats /Siberian Kittens to New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland, P.E.I., Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta & British Columbia, B.C. Canada