~Our Guarantee~

(Conditions of Sale )


     TEMPERAMENT and GENETIC SOUNDNESS are our top priorities. Whether you are purchasing a Great Dane for Show, Obedience, Therapy or as a Family Companion, we believe, it is most important that this new addition to your family should be of sound mind and body.  It is for this reason that we believe in researching carefully and seletively breeding from bloodlines that we know will help us to achieve these goals.

     As long-time breeders of Champion Show dogs, we strive to breed Danes that will be of proper conformation and movement so that they may be competitive in the Show Ring. We feel, with careful planning and selective breeding, this can be done without the sacrificing of temperament and health. The ideal Dane should posses strength, substance, display a regal appearance and a dignified but easy-going, affectionate nature.

     We ensure that all our Danes, to be used for breeding, are of an affectionate and loving temperament and that they are, to the best of our knowledge, free of genetic defects and disease.  There is no exact science when it comes to genetics and breeding and even the most reputable breeder cannot say, with certainty, that there will never be that one puppy that will develop health issues. That is why we offer and stand behind our written guarantee.

     All 'Cheviot' puppies are CKC Registered and individually identified by either tattoo or micro chip. Prior to their placement, have received all necessary health care, age appropriate vaccines, wormed on a regular schedule and have been raised in a loving Family environment. We ensure, to the best of our ability, that they are free of any congenital or hereditary defect or disease.

    'Cheviot puppy packages' include: Written health guarantee, vaccination certificate & puppy record booklet, fourteen page puppy guide (offering information concerning health, vaccines, diet, grooming, training, etc.), ear-taping kit with four page instruction guide, three week supply N-Zyme Granules (helps in boosting immune system during transition stage), nylon adjustable collar & matching lead. For peace of mind, 6 weeks complimentary health insurance.


Our devotion and dedication to the Danes that we have bred continues on throughout their lives. We are always available, to our puppy buyers, to answer any and all questions and to help deal with any concerns they may have.





*Please Note*

 All Cheviot Companion Danes are sold on  Spay/Neuter Contracts.

Show/Breeding stock on non-breeding or co-ownership contracts.

~gladly terminated when certain requirements (championship, health clearances, etc.) have been fulfilled.~


To ensure that all the Danes we place are provided with a Stable, Safe, Healthy and Loving environment we require the following from potential new owners:


-The intention of purchasing this Dane as a Lifetime commitment.

-The promise that this Dane shall be raised as a House & Family Companion.

-That all necessary Medical & Nutritional care shall be provided and that any medical conditions, not of a routine nature, are forwarded on so we may follow the health & wellness of our breeding program.

-To provide a Secure Fenced Area and to never allow him/her to roam free, unattended.

-To ensure proper Socialization & Discipline, so that he/she may not become a menace to his/her community.

-Willing to follow the health / training / feeding guidelines supplied by Cheviot Danes.

-Agree to  Spay/Neuter , unless purchasing for Show & Breeding purposes.

-Agree to adhere to Cheviot's breeding / co-ownership agreement, if purchasing for show/breeding purposes.

-The understanding, that if unable to continue to provide a home for this Dane, that he/she is to be returned to the Breeder.

We prefer to meet all new potential owners, in person. We realise, that due to certain circumstances (long distances etc.), this is not always a possibility and should that be the case references would be appreciated. 

~Prior to final sale, we have the right to refuse any buyers we deem unsuitable. Finalised, should this be the case, by return of deposit.~

Adoption/Puppy questionnaire available, by request, at: cheviotdanes@aol.com